Australian based artist Gareth Budge has been developing his works, documenting fractured wildposting. Travelling the globe through Gareth’s other passion surfing, camera in hand, the artist moves through various capital cities to capture untraceable layers and their chance formations, revealing and obscuring the undertones of place. The artist’s work tells us that when understanding is abstracted, it doesn’t become misunderstanding—but rather, a tangle of stories about time and space.



Australian born – 1984

Bachelor Degree – Interactive Multimedia.



[VERY OWN] Regional Gallery, Coffs Harbour – Jun. 2021

[MANIPULATED MOMENTS] China Heights Gallery, Syd – Mar. 2021

[BUSHFIRE SILENT AUCTION] China Heights Gallery, Syd – Jan. 2020

[POST NO BILLS] Burton Project Space Gallery, Syd – Nov. 2019

[DISCONNECTED DISCOURSE] Deus Gallery, Bali – Nov. 2017

[DISCONNECTED DISCOURSE] Lone Wolf, Los Angeles – Aug. 2016