Disconnected Discourse

Disconnected Discourse, penned from the heart, soul and hand of Gareth Budge, is unique poetic staging of powerful emotions and profoundly deep ideas to ponder. It is a very quick read with very brief lines on each page, but each and every verse will reach in and grip the reader by the throat in a way that stops them in their tracks and makes them think about the possibilities. They’ll think about the potential meaning behind Budge’s words. Yet, Gareth Budge’s claim is that this collection is a “range of words not directed at a particular notion.” That may well be true, but the depth of this poet’s words can take readers on such a deep dive that they will keep turning page upon page to see where the journey of Disconnected Discourse’s words take them next.

Gareth Budge has crafted a work of art in such a short book. Disconnected Discourse can help readers disconnect from the reality of their daily lives for a few moments, or give them something to take into a meditation or a prayer, or just a quiet time with themselves to ask exceptionally deep questions. Gareth Budge has offered the epitome of beautiful poetry in Disconnected Discourse. Every single page deserves a place of honor in readers’ hearts and minds, while simultaneously deserving to be quoted for the public to peruse and to explore. Budge’s work is so gripping that I just wanted more; that is the only issue with the brevity of the book – I wanted more.

Reviewed by Janelle Alex, Ph.D. for Readers’ Favorite

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